Vacation Recap Plus New Madness

Hi everyone! Okay, so I’ve been gone for a while, and for the most part, there are good reasons for that. From the top: North Carolina was wonderful! I meant to try to do posts the whole time I was away, but once we got to the beach house, I realized that there was no way I was going to be able to keep up with that. We were staying on Bald Head Island, which is mostly rainforest surrounded by glorious beach. There are very few cars; everyone on the island uses golf carts and bicycles to get around. The week was spent biking, exploring the local flora and fauna, mossing (i.e. relaxing and lounging to the point where you’ve practically become moss on your chosen surface…mine was the couch, cuddled up with a book), and hitting the beach. The weather was pretty crazy on the island. Everyday, there was a period where it poured rain, but I managed to get at least a little bit of time outside everyday. We also did some kayaking through some pretty cool swampy areas, which was really fun apart from accidentally dropping my prescription sunglasses in the ocean, and discovering that all the grass in the swamp was covered in tiny white bugs which, when disturbed, would not leave me alone. So without further ado, here are some pictures I snapped early in the week, before I grew too lazy and vacationy to bother lifting a camera!

This is the bedroom Erik and I were staying in, which looked pretty different after I got all my stuff unpacked:

The main living room and gathering place for movie nights, HGTV binges, and How It’s Made marathons:

One of our views of the rainforest! We saw at least three black widow spiders and their webs amongst those air conditioner fans:

And in another direction was the ocean. Erik took me for my first ocean swim on our first night at the beach house, and I was so nervous about the waves, he pretty much had to carry me in. 😛

I also tried to get some pictures of all the cool critters and wildlife we saw while were down there. Living in suburbia like I do, it isn’t often that I get to see wild animals that aren’t squirrels and racoons, so here are some of those guys:

My favourite critter of the week was this alligator! Everyday, we would drive out to the observation deck to see him, and it was so cool to see an alligator up close in its natural habitat.

Even though I had an amazing time while I was on vacation, after those two weeks of no regularly scheduled workouts, and eating my weight in brie and baguettes on a daily basis, it has been a little difficult to return to real life. My yoga membership had run out while I was on vacation, so upon my return to Canada, after sitting on my ass for a few extra days, I decided I had to do something to help me feel like myself again. I joined the gym my sister Abbey goes to about 2 weeks ago, and I’ve really been enjoying the classes they offer. One class I really didn’t think I would like but actually totally enjoyed was zumba. I’m super uncoordinated (the step class I went to this morning was definitely beyond my level of coordination, but I tried my best and I think I’ve improved since last week’s step class) and at one point while I was trying to figured out a particularly complex move, I got too close to Abbey and she punched me in the face! All is well though, and we will probably be returning for more embarrassing fun next week!

Another thing that has been keeping me busy is that I started school on Monday! My program has been really interesting so far. I’ve been feeling a little bit overwhelmed by chemistry, but I’ll try to get in some studying later today and tomorrow and will hopefully be ready for our second quiz on Monday! Nutrition and Health Fundamentals has also been really cool. We dove right into the dangers of fragrances, and then digestion, so I now know what a healthy poop should look like, if you ever want to know (opposite ends of the spectrum, eh?). :p

I will do my best to try to update more regularly now that I’m back, if school allows. And if there is ever a topic that I bring up that you are more interested in learning about, I’ll try to explain it to the best of my ability! I’m so excited to share all the cool things that I learn with you! So yes…that’s all from me today! More soon!