Some Overdue Photos

by anneihilate

Today was our first day in North Carolina and  has been as full and wonderful as it could possibly have been. I’m going to try to keep a running journal of our activities on my lap top, but for now, since I don’t have today’s photos uploaded on my computer yet, here are some from last week’s trip to Barrie.

The highlight of our trip, apart from copious fruit-eating, was going for a 3 hour boat ride in this 20-something-year-old motor boat. This is Erik’s Aunt Barb easing the aforementioned boat into the water:

This is Bryan (Erik’s younger brother) and their Uncle Paul having a blaaaaast:

At one point, Bryan drove the boat into this really eerie area where a giant patch of the trees were dead, there was seaweed crowded in the water, and as we approached, a huge flock of black birds flew out of the forest:

Me, on the boat. I work my bathing suit the whole time we were there, but the lake was too cold for me to swim at all. 😦

And, of course, a foot picture. Here are mine and Erik’s feet. He hates feet.

Anyway, we’re off to go watch a movie for the rest of the night (assuming I can actually stay awake that much longer), but stay tuned for an update featuring our adventures in North Carolina, and hopefully some awesome and healthy eats!