Back for Now

by anneihilate

Today is a particularly gloomy day at work. Outside, it is drizzly and grey, Regina Spektor is playing on the iPod dock, and the burner in the kettle looks like it’s on its last legs. On Thursday morning, I drove back from Barrie where Erik, Bryan and I had spent a couple of days hanging out with their aunt and uncle. We had a great time boating, eating bowls and bowls of melon, and watching many hours of the Olympics. I also had air-popped popcorn tossed in coconut oil and sea salt, which I believe must be a gift from the gods. You must try this if you have not. I would have had some pictures if I hadn’t left them all on Erik’s camera, but I’ll try to get them on here in the next few days, assuming there is anything worth using.

Eating at the convention went somewhat better than most conventions have in the past. On the first day, after the first 14 hours of work or so, I caved and had a slice of cheese pizza, but for the rest of the weekend, I munched mostly on crackers, nuts, and fruit, with salads and roasted vegetables for dinners after convention hours were over. The four days I was away went by a lot faster than usual, and I had Barrie to look forward to upon my return. Alas, I am once more on a work marathon before we finally leave for North Carolina which I’ve been looking forward to for months! So the next few days of work are going to be pure torture, while I slowly die inside from impatience and excitement. :p

Anyway, tons of work to do today, unpacking from the convention but there will be more soon!