Off to Otakuthon

by anneihilate

Right now, its 8:12pm, and at 3am, I have to wake up to drive 8 hours to Montreal, and then work at a convention until 10pm. This weekend is not going to be fun, but tomorrow is going to be especially rough. Usually, when the store I work for goes to a convention, we eat pizza and Tim Hortons all weekend. Having worked so many cons in the past, I decided to try to come as prepared as possible this time. Behold, the convention loot I picked up at Fortinos the other day:

I would have bought some fresh produce, but I decided I would hold off until I see what kind of hotel we’ll be staying at. I wouldn’t want all of it to go bad. So instead, I’ll be bringing some Happy Trails Adventure Cookies which I baked yesterday (in the jar above). They’re splendid, but I used honey instead of brown rice syrup and the were not holding together at ALL, so I added about 1/3 cup of almond butter as well, which kind of did the trick. I just had to squish them together really well, and I took them out when the were almost done baking to push the cookie dough balls into cookie shape. Also featured above: a bag of Swiss Museli Stonemill Organic bagels, portable dark chocolate almond milk, Mary’s Organic Crackers in black pepper flavour, raw almond butter, unflavoured Vega One protein powder, Doctor Kracker crackers and an assortment of bars which I will show you below:

I will also be bringing a container of unsweetened Vanilla almond milk, as well as some oats, chia seeds, apples, and bananas. Normally I try to eat tons of vegetables and fruit throughout the day, but I will have to make due with the above.

In celebration of my last day of freedom, I visited a very good friend of mine, Sarah, and we always have a really awesome time together. Yesterday, we visited High Park and sat around enjoying the sunshine for a while, before we headed to Rawlicious, a raw vegan restaurant where we shared a Nori Roll appetizer (sprouts, marinated mushrooms, bell pepper, carrot and avocado wrapped in nori), and I had a fresh juice (beets, apple, carrot and ginger) and a raw pad thai (kelp and zucchini noodles, shredded romaine lettuce, cashew sauce, cashews, cilantro, bell pepper… this was a little bland and could have done with some more flavour, very refreshing though).

Overall, I enjoyed the food there. I feel like it might have been safer to have one of their salads, but I had never had raw pad thai before, so yeah! My favourite thing that I ate there, however, were these raspberry thumbprint cookies (raw, of course) that they had decided to discontinue that day and so were giving out free samples. I was heartbroken, and helped myself to several samples. I have never made thumbprint cookies before, but it is now a goal of mine. The breading part of the cookie was made from nuts and seeds, and it was fantastic!

Anyway, since I have to be awake and ready to drive myself and several others into the next province over in less than 8 hours, I should probably try to get some sleep. I really hope I can try to eat healthily this weekend. When you’re standing behind a table for 12 hours, 3 days in a row, it can be difficult not to gnaw your arm off in boredom, hence the crackers.