Something Exciting Has Happened

by anneihilate

Just a quick post before I depart for aerial yoga this evening.  Today was my interview at the holistic nutrition school I believe I’ve mentioned here before. And it was awesome. It seemed like such a lovely community and  very close-knit. As of September, I will officially be going to school for nutrition, and I’m super excited. In celebration, I made some ratatouille, which you can find the recipe for here. So this was my dinner tonight,  accompanied by two slices of very tasty multigrain sourdough bread with a smear (not a very delicious word, now that I think about it) of soy-free Earth Balance.

After dinner, I had a mug of lemon echinacea tea, because my throat  has been a little sore today. I had never had it before, and I was pretty put off by this throat-coating quality that it had. Hopefully it  is something that I can get used to, but until then, I will have to look for other natural remedies to  supplement this strange tea because…yeah. Any suggestions would be wonderful. That’s all for now!