I Had Forgotten to Title This Post

by anneihilate

Hi there, Anne here! To start off with, here is what today’s lunch looked like:

It was coconut lentils on sprouted grain toast, kale chips (seasoned with cayenne pepper and nutritional yeast…my favourite combo so far, but I am open to suggestions) and half of a roasted acorn squash. To drink, I had some sort of Lipton tea that I think was cucumber-melon-mint flavoured, but I’m not sure. The tea was okay, but lunch was awesome! I love kale chips! I’ve made them three days in a row, and I think that it might be my favourite way to enjoy kale! There is no bitterness, just a very different and delicious crunch. I would like to experiment more with kale though, so I will have to go recipe searching. Dessert was a So Delicious coconut milk ice cream bar in banana split flavour, and holy shit am I ever in love. I need never consume a normal ice cream bar again, if I’ve got these babies on hand.

I went to another physiotherapy session this morning, which I am growing more and more skeptical about. They did, however, give me a delightful deep tissue massage in my injured leg as well as some ultrasound therapy which was also pretty relaxing. They have also added some more exercises onto my daily repertoire, including some calf stretching (which I despise…) and clam exercises (this just sounds naughty to me) which I’m meant to do 3 to 5 times a day.

After grabbing a quick bowl of cereal at home (flax flakes with museli, berries, and chia seeds), Abbey and I headed off to pilates. I adore the Monday morning pilates instructor for her incredible coolness, grace, and wicked storytelling. I’ve always admired people who can tell really sweet, captivating stories, because I am definitely not one of those people. I could listen to her talk all day. I haven’t really done any intensive cardio for a few weeks now apart from yoga cross once a week. All I do is yoga and pilates, but I’m at the studio at least six days a week. Erik and I also try to go hiking once a week, usually. I wonder if this is sufficient exercise, because I’m really loving it and would like to continue going to this studio after my summer trial is up. Any thoughts?

I suppose that’s all for now. I may have exciting news on the morrow, but I won’t know until then, so I will keep you posted! Keep your fingers crossed for me!