Mmm…Organic Red Plums

by anneihilate

Hey guys! So I just thought I’d share a quick shot of my lunch, again taken with the shitty laptop webcam I’ve got to work with. Today’s salad is packing:

  • Baby Spinach and Baby Romaine (probably a 1.5 c of each)
  • 1 sliced red red plum
  • 1 T of pepita seeds
  • 2 T of pecans
  • 1 T of Kraft Classic Herb dressing

For a while now, and especially after seeing the vegan food pyramid (see yesterday’s post), I decided that I really need to start upping my vegetable intake. Normally I try to start my day out with a green veggie (usually spinach or kale…I tried raw broccoli once, but the broccoli taste was just too overpowering) and banana smoothie but my bananas I bought earlier this week are taking way too long to ripen. They really have to be good and spotty before they’re ready to go in a smoothie.

I went to an awesome yoga class this morning before work. One of my big concerns with hitting a yoga class before a long shift is that I won’t have time to drive home, throw lunch together then get to work without really stressing myself out about it. This morning worked out perfectly fine though, and I love starting my day with a yoga class. Today, we did some arm balance poses, which were just as exciting as they always are. We did crow pose with the option to go into a headstand, which only one woman in the class tried, but headstands and handstands are definitely something I would like to work my way up to.

Also, just had a fascinating conversations with one of our customers who is an osteopath. Usually, we talk about different TV shows and comics and books we’re getting into, but today we got into this super rad discussion about the health sciences industry and about all these different approaches to alternative medicine such as his job osteopathy, as well as aromatherapy and reflexology and all these other intriguing things that I will have to do more research on. When he first told me that he was an osteopath, I assumed that they dealt strictly with the bones in the body, but as he explained, there is actually so much more to it than that. Osteopathy focuses on the overall structure and function of the body, including bones, muscles and tissue, lymph and more. I actually just learned about it, so I’m going to have to do more research on that as well. We also talked about the injuries I’ve been experiencing lately, and what he believes might be the problem (possibly a twisted pelvis). I really loved the philosophy of osteopathy which seems to be: solve the root of the problem and the rest of the body will realign itself, whereas physiotherapy has me completely focused on my torn hamstring. I feel like our society spends so much time trying to treat symptoms when what we really need is to get to the heart of the problem. In conclusion, I’m excited to make an appointment. πŸ™‚

In other news, Erik and I are making Chana Dal for dinner, with some of my leftover Red Quinoa Pilaf from the other night. I may even possibly bust out some kale chips because they are so fast and easy to make, and I’m totally hooked on them. Last night, I made my kale chips with a sprinkling to nutritional yeast and some cayenne pepper and they were magnifique! Better get going for now and finally finish my lunch (I’ve been working on this salad for over an hour!), but I will leave you with this awesome song all the yoga instructors at my studio have been playing lately! I’m obsessed!