Overwhelmed by the Vegan Food Pyramid

by anneihilate

Today I decided to skip early morning yoga in favour of a couple extra hours of sleep, and while I’m feeling very well rested, getting up just an hour before my shift started totally threw off my usual morning ritual. I hopped in the shower, then threw my breakfast (hot water with lime, and vegan overnight oats topped with cherries and a crumbled orange-blueberry muffin that I made a few days ago) into my lunchbag with the rest of today’s eats, then flew out the door.

The last few days, I’ve been completely obsessed with finding interesting meals I can pack to bring to work with me, especially for longer shifts like the one I’m working right now (10 hours…blaaah). I recently discovered Vegan Lunch Box, which is pretty cute and inspiring, but she features so many salads, which I find I can only enjoy for so long before they begin to be too much of one flavour and things like that. Maybe I just have to learn to be more creative with my salads. I also spent, like, an hour before yoga cross last night perusing my new cookbook, Tosca Reno’s Eat-Clean Diet Vegetarian Cookbook, and I found a bunch of things in there that I would like to try making. I have a little container of fresh rosemary in my fridge that I have to use up (I always have trouble using up herbs!) from a mushroom gravy Erik and I made the other night, so last night I made a Red Quinoa Pilaf from the new cookbook, to add to my tasty munchies today.  In the cookbook, there were also some really cool alternative food pyramids for vegetarians and vegans. I copied the vegan one into my sketchbook so that I would have it to reference throughout the day:When left to my own devices, I try to eat a mostly plant-based diet. I have no idea how I’m going to cram 9 servings of vegetables into my diet though, if a serving size of vegetables is 2 handfuls. That measurement seems kind of vague to me. :/

In other news, Erik and I explored the Kitchener-Waterloo area, particularly to visit Thrive Juice Bar which was awesome. I had this delicious falafel wrap and a Big Green Juice which was 18 ounces of “detoxifier & cleanser, extremely rich in minerals & nutrients, high in amino acids, fresh wheatgrass, spirulina, cucumber, kale, spinach, apple & lemon” as described on their website. The restaurant is in this really cool plaza with all sorts of health food places, homeopathic stores, fair trade coffee shops… I was totally in love. Then we drove to St. Jacob’s Country, which is this really cool area where a lot Mennonite culture has been preserved. There were all sorts of quilt shops and bakeries and museums. Erik and I went for a really nice walk along this river (I think it was the Conestogo River), and I did some doodling in the ol’ sketchbook. I really have to start carrying my camera around if I’m going to be blogging regularly, because everything in this area was so awesome and beautiful, and all I have to show you guys is my silly food pyramid.

On that note, I should probably get cracking on some of my work for today, so yeah! Au revoir!