Off to a Lazy Start

by anneihilate

Having a slow morning at home so far, which I’ve spent having breakfast in the backyard while I read some of Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals (which is excellent and very eye-opening so far), and marvelled over how chubby my cat, Sonny-Wa, has been looking lately. Now, I’m just lounging around, drinking a cup of tea and killing time before I meet up with my friend Jessie for lunch. I haven’t properly hung out with her for ages, so I’m pretty pumped. 🙂

Yesterday was kind of a disappointing day. I went to a Hatha yoga class (Hot Room) at 6:30 am, and our regular Wednesday morning instructor was MIA, but the instructor that we did have was wearing such a cool outfit, that I assumed her class would be equally cool. God, I’m shallow. The theme of the class was meant to be hamstring stretching and hip opening, which I thought would be awesome because my hamstrings are stupidly short, but alas, it turned out to be a lot of holding various Warrior poses which I hate. The Warrior series shows up in most yoga classes I go to, but it felt like, in this particular yoga class, we were holding them almost longer than I was physically capable of. One thing that I love though, that this teacher did, was at the end of class when we were all in savasana, she went around the class pushing everyone’s shoulders into the ground, which I assume is to open up our chests…though I’ve never asked about and I probably should. I may have left not feeling as stretched out as I would have liked, but maybe all the holds were good for toning?

After some breakfast, I headed off to work where I found out that my plans for the evening were not happening after all, so I  decided to check out a Hot Pilates class at 5:15. When I got there though, I found out that once again, the regular instructor was away, so the class that was happening was actually a Core Fusion class, and  it was run by an instructor who read off sheets of paper and didn’t demonstrate anything, so nobody had  a clue what they were supposed to be doing. She was really sweet, but I really feel that being able to show the class how to do the poses properly is super important. Oh well, after lunch with Jessie, I’m going to a Yoga Cross class and I will definitely get my ass kicked there. The  night  ended off well though. Mama and I sat around with some tea and watched “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, which I was pooped by the end of because it was way past my usual 10pm bedtime.  😛

So before I head off to do some more morning lounging, here are some more pictures from the cottage!

Erik and I goofing off in what we believe was some sort of tree farm because all of  the trees seemed to be lined up in straight rows:

This is me with a pellet gun. 😀 We were shooting at cans that we  had set up, but my aim was a lot worse this year than it was last year for some reason. Kind of unrelated, but I definitely want to try archery in the future… I need to work on my hand-eye coordination!

One day, while we were out for a walk, Erik spotted a snapping turtle on the side of the road, so we snapped some pictures, and moved it into the safer, swampier area nearby. This is me with Erik and his younger brother, Bryan:

This is my younger sister Abbey and I heading off on a 2 hour paddle boat expedition during which I discovered it isn’t wise to do things that require pedaling after consuming huge spinach and salmon salads:

Okay, last one! A couple  nights that week, would  would all curl up around a campfire. Many s’mores  were consumed in the process, and now, I fear I am suffering from s’more withdrawal.
 Not exactly flattering, but we’re the sort of folk that generally wear goofy expressions on a regular basis. Before I go, I should probably mention that on Monday night, Erik and I made this awesome Carmelized Fennel and  Goat Cheese  Flatbread. After I pick up some more yeast, I will definitely be making more of these. So…yeah, that’s all for now! Have an awesome day, I’ll let you know how yoga cross goes after my week of shenanigans. 😛