Getting Back On Track

by anneihilate

At last I have returned home from the far north that is the cottage, and I have to say, I’m a little disappointed with the way I was up there. I felt totally out of control being around tons of super unhealthy snacks (RE: Goldfish crackers, ice cream, marshmallows…). One thing that I’ve always struggled with is the temptation of having treats around me, which is why when I’m at home, I make a point of not having healthy treats in the house. I did try my best to stay away from negative thinking though, because I know that binge eating treats is not something that I would do normally, that I’m only human, and that I would feel more like myself once I was eating my regular diet. That being said, we did stay active throughout the week. Most days were spent outside going on walks or hikes, paddle boating, and kayaking, which was something that I had never done before but I really enjoyed  it. There were times, when in the middle of a choppy lake, that it was sometimes hard to steer, but when you get into rhythm, it gets to be a lot of fun.

Before we left for the cottage, Erik’s mom,  Lisa, gave me Cooking Light’s Big Book of Salads, and Vegan Cooking for Carnivores by Roberto Martin who is Ellen DeGeneres’s and Portia de Rossi’s personal chef. I’ve only tried one of the recipes so far, which was a  super simple quinoa and berry breakfast cereal from the vegan cookbook, but it was awesome, I’ve made it twice already, and I’m pretty sure that it’s something I’m going to continue making. Today, I believe I’ve mostly wrangled my eating habits back into shape. Dinner was a Roasted Beet and Arugula Sandwich with Black Olive Tapenade (recipe can be found here, it actually used a homemade green olive tapenade, which I didn’t have the resources to make, so I just used some black olive tapenade that I had in the fridge, plus a little bit of goat cheese) from Sarah Britton’s  blog, My New Roots…which is an awesome blog, by the way. She’s so full of information and all her food photos are wonderful. My sandwich was pretty yummy, though I feel like I probably could have roasted my beet longer. Not that  I have much experience with beets, but I feel like it should have been softer.

Last night, I bought a couple bars of dark chocolate to enjoy as  a special treat, so I’ll probably grab a square and a cup of tea and try to wind down, so I can hit pilates in the morning. See you soon!