by anneihilate

Today is my 21st birthday, and I’m spending it at work. This is fine; I had a pretty awesome day in Barrie yesterday, though it was spent very naughtily with eggs bennedict and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. None of that today, for sure. My sister Abbey and I got an early start today with an aerial yoga class, which was something I had never done before, then headed back home for breakfast (I had flax flakes with museli, strawberries, bananas and almond milk) and presents. Abbey got me Batman underwear (she seems to get me something superhero-related every year), Allaina got me a Gaiam microfibre towel for my yoga mat, and Mum got me new workout shorts. This is great because I probably shouldn’t be spending my money on any of this stuff when there are so many other things to pay for, so it was an awesome treat.

Anyway, I guess I should explain why I’m starting this blog, or why I’ve decided to leave my dull word trails throughout the interwebs. For the most part, probably because its summer vacation, I’ve been relatively happy with my life. I’ve made a lot of big life changes in the last year which have aided this, primarily cleaning up my diet and incorporating exercise into my daily life. But I’ve also spent the last two years in art school and while art has always been something I’ve loved and appreciated, it is also something that I don’t feel particularly passionate about doing anymore, and I can’t possibly imagine having to illustrate for a living. None of this is entirely confirmed yet, but I’m planning to leave art school and spend the next year cooking, exercising, working, and traveling. I need to focus on figuring out what I actually like doing, and stop trying to rush through my life.

Speaking of which, the customers are starting to roll in so I should probably wrap this up now. Not sure if anyone out there is reading this, but if you are, stay tuned. I’ll be back. I hope.